It's All About The Details

Hey girl heeeeey!

Hope you are doing fabulous!

My husband loves to remind me that life is all about the details. He loves to share this with me in the most stressful times! For instance like when I have lost my keys for the 100th time. He would say, “baby, it’s all about the details. Put your keys in the same spot every time and you won’t lose them.” “YES- I GET IT! In fact I get it so much that i’ll lose them again tomorrow.” HAHA jk…. maybe.

As I am navigating through life, I realize that our creator is also in the details. We can look down at our fingers and see that the detailed lines create a unique fingerprint. We can look at our children and see that even though they have the same genes, are they uniquely different in many ways. We can look at our Solar System and how every little detail matters in keeping us from being burned up by the sun. Our God is FOR SURE in the details.

God is always speaking to us, loving on us, and wanting us to know He is near. It’s usually the small notions of God that can make the biggest impact on our lives. God has planned out every detail of your life and is the only one who can foresee your future. Can we make a pact today? Let’s decide that we will look for God in the details — the small details, the big details, and all in between. Love ya Sister!



Ivy ClevelandComment