It's Ok To Be Nutty


Hey Girl Hey!

Have you ever took an acorn in your hand and wondered how a little squirrel could crack open such a hard nut? No? Well, I have because you know, I think of weird stuff like that. Usually, when my mind begins its wondering it doesn’t just stop with one thought, it then goes into a whirlwind of wanting to know every detail of said thing that i’m think of. That is what has brought me to the subject of the acorn.

Did you know that the huge oak trees you see, probably in your back yard, started as this small acorn. WOW! Something so little, became this massive tree that goes through thousands of life cycles.

You sister, have the potential to be a strong oak tree! You may seem insignificant, and as if your life is making no difference but let me be your encouragement today. Don’t cancel out the potential to be an oak tree just because you only view yourself as a little nut! Grow right where you are today. Don’t wait until you get where you think you should be to start excelling in your life, make a choice to do it TODAY! Show up TODAY. The only thing holding you back is YOU! Hold tightly to the “acorn” in your life that God has given to you, don’t let the “squirrels of life” steal your nut. Sister, you matter and you are important, hold your head high and walk in your potential, not your reality. Girl you're a freakin OAK TREE!