Just Keep Swimming

As a mom to young children, we watch many Disney movies. Well, who am I kidding? I LOVE Disney movies! I watch them with or without my kids being present. One of my all time favorites is, Finding Nemo. The story is without fail one of the best to me. You got this over protective dad, who with good reason does not like his son to be out of his sight. I mean he did watch his wife die, so I think we can give ol Marlin a break! He finally lets his son go to school, and then bam- he gets lost!

Marlin meets this great character named Dory, while in search for his son. I LOVE Dory! she is so spastic, funny, forgetful, but so loving! She gives the most life changing advice at one point in the movie. She looks at Marlin so boldly in the face and says, “when life gets you down, you know what you gotta do?”


Such wise words spoken by a fish. Many times in our life we get so discouraged about life events, comments, disappointments, hurts, failed relationships, and the list could go on. We must take hold to Dory’s words, just keep swimming, keep pressing on, and keep seeking The Lord. Don’t look back to what has been, but keep looking to what can and will be. Living in the past will keep us there. Let’s be women of the NOW!

So, today sister - I challenge you, KEEP swimming! even when its hard, even when its lonely, even when you can’t see two feet in front of you. DON’T give up! You’ve got this!



Ivy Cleveland