Lattes And Baby Wipes

What’s up Girl? 

Today I’m gonna share with you a secret about myself. OK here it goes… WAIT, I need you to commit not to judge me before we go any further. Can you do that? Pinky promise? Ok, deep breath in and … my secret is I am NOT a good house keeper. There I said it. It’s out in the open for the world to know. I envy those women who can maintain a clean house, provide a healthy but delicious meal, and keep there kids clean. But ya girl has constantly got backed up Laundry, crumbs on the floor, un-made bed, burnt meals, and dirty kids. 

Now that you know this about me this story I am going to tell you will give you a good laugh. It was just any other crazy day at the Cleveland house and my door bell rings. I said, “they will go away - nobody move!” five seconds later my oldest says, “OH MOM, IT’S YOUR FRIEND!” Busted! I had to the answer the door, but here my house was… a TOTAL wreck! To me it was no big deal. It is my everyday life but to her? She will think I am a hot mess and wonder what I do with my time all day! She will not understand that me trying to clean my house while my kids live here is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos!"All these thoughts began to overwhelm me and so I just shouted,“be right there!” 

I grabbed a big laundry basket and a container of baby wipes. I stuffed as many toys as I could in the basket and began to wipe all visible areas down with baby wipes. (my house was powder fresh in just 2 minutes.) I put a K-cup in the Keurig and answered the door. “Hey Girl! Come on in! I was just about to make me a latte. You want one?” I never asked my friend If she knew what I was doing when she was waiting on me at the door, but after reading this. She will know. :) We had a great chat and encouraged each other.

I made a decision that day to not cover up the fact that I am hot mess 90% of the time and usually driving the struggle bus, but you know what? God still wants to use me. God still wants to use you too girl! Don’t hide behind your disappointments, failures, and short comings. Open the door and let people in. (Just keep a pack of baby wipes handy!)

Guess I better go do some laundry and redeem myself! See ya!



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