Nail Salon Secret

I love getting my nails done. I love the girly- girl feeling you feel being at a real nail salon! I love being pampered, without any other demands other than to pick out a nail color. I LOVE GETTING MY NAILS DONE!

I must confess to you a secret of mine though. When I go to said nail salons, I take my head phones. As soon as I walk in, I place my ear buds in so that I “appear” to be listening to music. But, i’m really NOT! ;)

I am really nosey, but I do not want to appear that way, of course! I know, the deception is appalling. I take my seat, and begin my glances through out the salon. I see so many relieved faces of women getting just a moment of solitude. I see laughter among friends, who get to have a moment of girl time.

This particular nail visit was no different.. I saw women talking, laughing, and relaxing. As I am tuning into their conversations, (Of course they didn’t know.. I hope.) I couldn’t help but praise the Lord for their moment, for my moment, of refreshing time. Sister, hear me when I say, you CAN NOT pour from an empty cup! Go ahead, give it a try.. see what I mean? There is nothing there! Your life is the same way. Take time for YOU!

Maybe, you don’t have time or the funds to go to nail salon, and that’s ok! Take a walk, soak in a hot bath, or eat a piece of cake - without sharing! Whatever your moment is- take it! DO NOT feel guilty for it! When you make a choice to care for you, you fill your cup to pour out blessings on your spouse, children, friends, church, or any other commitment you have. Just do it girl! This is a decision you will NOT regret!



Ivy ClevelandComment