Our Adoption Story

Hey Girl,

I wanted to tell you our adoption story thus far!

One day while scrolling on facebook, waisting my life away, i came across this precious little boy named Liam. Liam was an orphan in China. I screen-shot his sweet face and sent it to Noah with the caption, “Liam needs a daddy!” Noah thought it was cute and not much else was said after that. When Noah came in from work that day he shouts, “who’s ready to have another baby!?” I have to be honest and tell you I choked on my spit a little bit, because I could not believe what he said.

Noah and I hav always felt very strongly God would call us to adopt one day, but we was just waiting on his timing. So, when Noah asked this bold question about another baby he was referring to the fact God had spoke to him about it being time for us to proceed with adopting a child. He tells me about this agency he fills connected to and a pastor friend was telling him about how we could use them with adoption if we ever wanted to do that. Well, are you ready for the cherry on top of the is very dramatic conversation? Liam was registered with the same agency! It was such a confirmation to us both that it was time to pursue adoption.

Liam is no longer available to be adopted but that’s ok, his purpose was fulfilled with our family. We are currently in the pursuit of a little girl from China. We just got our home study approved and now are waiting on immigration approval. We are already a year into the process and it feels as though it’s moving at a snail’s speed.

God is really teaching me the beauty in learning patience and trust. Did I just say beauty and patience in the same sentence? It sure is hard knowing I have a child across the world that I can not see, touch, or talk to but I have to trust my creator does and he will protect her. Adoption is very beautiful and rewarding but it’s also messy and hard. The Bible tells us in the book of James to care for orphans, so we must press on and do so. I will update our adoption story as it continues to unfold. Please be in prayer for us. Pray for our daughter, pray for favor with China and all their rules, and pray for financial provision. I love you sweet sister in Christ.



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