Sand And Seashells

Hey Girl!

This week I am in the beautiful state of Alabama! My family is here to do a youth week with a local church in Gulf Shores. We got a chance to slip a way to the beach for a few hours last night. Can I just tell you I LOVE the beach! I love the sand in my toes, the sound of the waves crashing, and the laughter that comes from my boys being tossed around by those said waves.

But then we had to leave… oh-that’s where the real fun starts right? NOT! My boys had sand in every nook and cranny of places the sun never shines! Not only was it sand, but it was seashells! How in the world did they not feel all this mess while they were playing?! We spent what seemed like forever bathing in the sandy shower that was located at the exit of the beach. Are we even making a difference here? Nope! Still sandy! Hah!

As we left this amazing spot, it hit me! This is how we should handle life! If we choose joy, then the sandy parts of life won’t affect us! My kids didn’t even notice all the sand and shells in their booties until they were removed from this place of joy. Once we left the water- it all went downhill from there. Everyone got cranky and completely done with the beach.

My boys could not control the sand and the shells from getting in their bathing suits, it’s just a result of being in the ocean. Life will get sandy and sticky, but let’s remain with the living water-Jesus and chose joy! Choose joy even when you have sandy britches and seashells in your booty! We can do totally do that right?!

Love you sister!



Ivy ClevelandComment