Hey Girl!

I hope you are doing well since our last chat. Grab your coffee because this is gonna get good! So, recently I began an adventure of trying to get fit. I have spent the last seven months beating my body into submission. (Insert laughing image) I’m pretty sure my body has not gotten the memo yet but nevertheless I’m committed. When I first began this journey I spoke with a trainer. She begins to show me around telling me which machines will make me “shredded.” “Excuse me, ma'am, I’m just trying to lose my gut. Perhaps we will save those machines for later?”

Here I go - first day at the gym! I got all my workout gear on, because let’s be honest, you gotta have cute workout clothes. I take a few minutes to pretend I’m stretching, but really I’m just scoping out what it is I need to be doing. There she was- the most fit looking lady in the gym, plus her work out attire was on point and she had ANKLES that you can actually see! I committed in that moment to follow her lead. Of course, this lady didn’t know me or the fact I would be stalking her work out so I had to keep my distance. I followed what she did and can I just tell you, I’m pretty sure I died a thousand deaths before “we” were done with “our” work out.

Don’t we live our lives like that though? As women we are always trying to make ourselves “follow” other Women’s’ lives. We compare ourselves to them and wonder why we are not measuring up. The truth was I was not and am not as fit as that lady in the gym. No matter how hard I tried to fit myself into her world, I was not trained for that. Sister, you and I are created for a specific purpose, don’t settle for someone else’s story- live out your own. You have a part to play and it MATTERS!

Update: I have still not introduced myself to this lady… but I do not follow her around the gym anymore. Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to tell her this story. (But then she may wanna train me… better stay silent)



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