This Ain't You

Hey Friend,

Let’s have a little chat about how to encourage each other. You may wanna grab your coffee because this topic always seems get a little harry. You ready? OK here we go. 

I love to minster and always consider it an honor anytime the Lord gives me an oppertuinty to share the Gospel. When I finsh I always go to our product table to meet people and be available for prayer. This particular event, I did the same as always only this time when i got to the product table this lady was waiting on me to get there. I could sense she was going to be “fun” to deal with. As people began to gather around to buy shirts, necklaces, coffee cups, and cds it got busy and my mind just couldn’t handle what was about to be said. 

This lady, in front of everyone else, starts shouting  “who is this on your business card? Cause I know this ain’t you! You do not look like that THAT!” My face was getting flushed, and my armpits started to sweat. Why is this lady being so rude? She had no intentions of buying anything from my table nor did she want prayer, so her sole purpose was to come over here and humiliate me? Normally I could have shrugged her off, but today it defeated me. 

This lady obviously had jealously in her heart. She dealt with that jealously by making fun of me. I have seen this in women so much. We get threatened by a fellow sister and instead of encouraging her we make fun of her and call it encouragment. Can we just all commit to stopping this? We all have strengths and weaknesses, let's choose to amplify people’s strengths and not their weaknesses. 

“Be an encourager, the world has enough critics already” - Author unknown 

Reliving that scene has made me sweat, so I’m gonna go grab more deodorant. Have a fabulous day sister! 



Ivy ClevelandComment