Welcome To The "She Is" Sisterhood

Hey girl hey!

I wanted to take a moment to share with you a few things about myself! Grab you a cup of coffee and have a seat. I am a southern bell who loves Jesus so much! I am in full time ministry alongside my hottie of a husband. We have the pleasure of bringing our family on the road with us. Over the past few years God has really birthed in me a passion for Womens’ Ministry. God has challenged me to become vulnerable, sharing my story to other women in order to empower them to do the same. I have seen the power of God changing Womens’ lives for the good. There is nothing like watching a fellow sister realizing who she is in Christ and knowing that she is ENOUGH. Maybe you're reading this blog wondering if you are enough? Wondering if you matter to anyone? Wondering if you're a good enough mom or wife? The list could go on and on. Sister, if I was sitting down with you having coffee at this moment, I would grab your hand and tell you that you ARE enough. Jesus Christ died so you could know that and live that. Make a choice today to not believe the lies of the enemy.

When God began birthing this passion to see women set free from the lies of the enemy, he began to press on my heart to write a book. I wish I could tell you my first response was, “YES LORD!” My response was more like, “seriously Lord? ME? You sure about that?” I finally got tired of sitting on the sidelines of my own life, and I got to work. I committed to writing a book and guess what? I did it! Am I qualified? Nope! Did God sustain me to do it? YES! God will call you to big things but let go of that fear that holds you back and trust your creator knows what he is doing.

As my book is about to be released to the world, it’s such surreal moment. It’s so humbling to me that God could use me. I do hope you will read it, not because it’s “my” book, but because it was ordained by God, and every word written was orchestrated by Him for You.

Well, that’s it for now, but do not worry, I WILL be back! Until our coffee cups meet again,