Don't Try This At Home!

Hey Girl Friend!

If you can’t be secure enough to laugh at yourself then life will get boring pretty quickly! There are many moments in my life that are laughable but this particular incident really hits the tickle spot.

One of the things I miss most about being a hair stylist is, the fact that you can get your hair done whenever you want! Sitting in the quiet, under the heated dryer reading the latest magazine. ahhh, what great memories. These days I’m throwing color on my hair in between school lessons and 20 minute naps. Finding a moment to just take my time, to follow through with every detail is few and far in between. Don’t even mention going to the salon, where I would not only have to pay for my hair to be done, but also for child care. I refuse to be the mom who disrupts other women’s salon time, because her kids choses to turn said salon into a jungle gym. 

All that information to tell you this story: I got the boys lunch, placed their favorite show on and told them they couldn’t get up until everything on their plates were gone. (Extra food for them means extra time for me!) I place a hi-lighting cap on my head and go to town with pulling my hair through the tiny, little holes placed all over the cap. Everything went great! No interruptions! I shampoo the color off, and to my surprise I had SPOTS all over my hair! WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED?! 

It was a USED cap! The color went into holes that were already punched on the cap! I didn’t think this would make a difference. Boy was I wrong! Something that would have only taken me an hour to do - start to finish, has now turned into hours of fixing this mess! 

Our lives can be like this. When we don’t deal with the issues we have, instead we put life over “open holes.” Sooner or later the mess this causes will show. Let’s be women who DEAL with our issues, not just try and mask them! 

P.S. Make the salon appointment! :)