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We live in a world where everyone tells us who we are and who we should become.

These lies scream at us through fake social media posts, cruel comments, comparison to others, or our past. The enemy will use whatever he can to fill our minds with defeated thoughts that become our reality. Contrary to what the enemy says, God holds our face in his hands and says, “She is loved, she is valuable, she is chosen, and she is mine.” Take the next 42 days to learn how we can counteract the enemy’s lies with God’s truth.


This book challenges us to reshape the image we have of ourselves as we lay claim to how God defines us.
— Courtney Wall (Women's Ministry Pastor)
This journey of study will speak God’s worth into every woman’s life that will echo strength and holy value for the rest of her days.
— Pam Jenkins (President & Founder of Jabbok Ministries)
This devotional draws me in as it compels me to read more...through laughter and tears, I completely identify with what Ivy is saying.
— Christina Brumbalow (Pastor's Wife, Mom of 3, Business Owner)
Reading She Is doesn’t feel like you’re reading a book; it feels like you’re sitting down with a friend over coffee getting real about life.
— Lindsay Williams (Freelance writer, editor, and blogger)